Barrow 6 External Results
24 Jan 10
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PosGunChipName AG ClubSBPBHC  
131:29 Tim Hartley PBV40MNotts/Barrow Runners31:2930:12-2.1 
231:32 Tim Doran PBSENMAldershot, Farnham & District/Charnwood31:3231:322.1 
331:36 Alastair Watson PBSENMHermitage31:3630:52-5.0 
431:41 Philip Chritchlow SBV40MBeaumont31:4131:361.0 
531:46 James Douglas PBV35MCharnwood31:4631:463.9 
632:05 Martin Lewis PBSENMPoole Runners/Loughborough Students/Charnwood32:0532:053.2 
732:29 Connor Murphy PBSENMLeicester Tri32:2932:2951.0 
832:55 Gareth Deacon SBV40MLeicester32:5532:389.8 
933:03 Mark Couldwell SBV35MCharnwood33:0331:41-0.8 
1033:04 Richard Brown PBSENMCharnwood33:0433:0413.5 
1133:05 Tom Shardlow SBU23MHinckley33:0532:052.1 
1233:08 Stuart Spencer SBU20MFitmums & Friends33:0830:47-2.3 
1333:23 Daniel Mills PBU17MNuneaton33:2333:2341.8 
1433:25 Alex Webster PBV40MWest End33:2533:2512.8 
1533:35 Ian Murdey PBV35MBeaumont33:3532:593.5 
1634:01 Lazloe Boden PBV45MHarborough34:0134:0124.7 
1734:06 David Pearce PBV40MLeicester33:2833:283.7 
1834:08 Mark Rose PBV40MShepshed34:0834:0849.0 
1934:08 Neil Carter SENMWigston    
2034:11 Emanuel Schoica PBSENMWest End34:1134:1154.0 
2134:17 Richard Whitelegg SBV40MHinckley34:1733:151.8 
2234:19 Andrew Hart PBV45MLeicester34:1934:196.4 
2334:23 Paul Harmer PBSENMCharnwood34:2334:23-0.6 
2434:28 Kingsley Cook PBV40MHuncote34:2834:288.6 
3835:09 Nicola Clay PBV35WStilton35:0935:0937.0 
4335:32 Clare Mensley PBU23WCharnwood35:3235:3244.6 
6536:50 Nicola Roder PBSENWLeicester Tri/Royal Navy36:5036:4924.5 
7136:58 Jenni Muston PBV35WShepshed36:5836:586.8 
8037:25 Nicki Nealon  V40WHuncote/Midland Masters36:3335:339.3 
 37:2737:27Jamie Stuart PBV35MWreake Runners37:2737:2714.5 
8637:39 Craig Austin SBV35MLeicester37:3934:1236.2 
9037:47 Catherine Gallagher SBSENWLiverpool H/Loughborough Students/Barrow Runners37:4736:5026.7 
9337:49 Emily Smith SBU23WBarrow Runners37:4936:364.6 
11538:53 Laura Johnson  SENWCharnwood/Ivanhoe37:4337:0722.5 
12139:04 Sally Newman PBV45WWreake Runners/Calder Valley39:0438:1730.4 
12839:18 Joanne Spencer PBSENWBarrow Runners39:1839:1814.3 
13539:29 Gina Vaughan PBV50WLeicester Tri39:2939:2912.3 
14740:04 Kate Ramsey SBV40WBarrow Runners/Midland Masters/Charnwood40:0435:3230.1 
15040:09 Mary Hall PBV40WNuneaton40:0940:0912.5 
16340:36 Claire Quigley PBSENWHuncote40:3640:3623.9 
 51:5451:54Joanna Steane SBSENWWigston51:5449:3749.5