Sticky Wicket 10K External Results
Rickling Green
2 Feb 20
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
143:07James Bosher SBSENMGrange Farm & Dunmow43:0733:11-1.5 
253:02Jon Byford  SENMSaffron Striders    
354:46Peter De Koning  SENMSaffron Striders    
454:46Lyn Higgs  SENWMid Essex Casuals    
554:46Gary Freear SBV45MHalstead54:4638:155.6 
656:52Will Ferguson  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
757:00Simon Ferguson  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
857:55Melissa Dowell SBV50WColchester H57:5544:3912.2 
1058:21Rob Flack  SENM     
958:21Simon Alty  SENM     
1158:39Lucy Ferguson SBV45WMid Essex58:3955:1412.7 
1258:39Keely Jortdan  SENWMid Essex Casuals    
1359:14Bill Smythe SBV50MWitham (Essex)59:1442:309.5 
1462:02Nicola Norman  SENWSaffron Striders    
1562:30Adam Hunter PBV35MMid Essex62:3062:3015.1 
1662:35Paul Burgess  SENMTrail Running Association    
1762:38Julian Catmul  SENMSaffron Striders    
1864:34Tim Brockington  SENMSaffron Striders    
1965:09Ian Lawson SBV55MGrange Farm & Dunmow65:0942:4413.9 
2066:00Julia Binstead  SENWMid Essex Casuals    
2166:00Dave Spain  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
2266:26Andrew Henry Smith PBV50MTrail Running Association66:2666:2640.9 
2366:39Keith Saville  SENMSaffron Striders    
2467:33Sarah Colbert SBV50WMid Essex67:3349:2612.9 
2567:33David Hurley SBV55MMid Essex67:3340:5512.3 
2667:36Richard Taylor  SENMSaffron Striders    
2767:42Heather Eastwood  SENWSaffron Striders    
2870:04Keith Jackson SBV70MMid Essex70:0458:2918.6 
2970:44John Carter  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
3071:36Sharon Bannister  SENWSaffron Striders    
3171:36Elaine Tribley  SENWSaffron Striders    
3272:03William Roxby-Clarke  SENMHarwich Runners    
3372:03Sarah Roxby-Clarke  SENWHarwich Runners    
3473:06Yan Stile  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
3573:22Peter Johnson  SENMTrail Running Association    
3673:24Elizebeth Bellinger  SENWBishops Stortford    
3774:21Terry Alabaster SBV55MWitham (Essex)74:2141:3911.9 
3874:30Bridget Saville  SENWSaffron Striders    
3975:12Jim Slater  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
4075:12Ivan Howlett  SENMSaffron Striders    
4175:12Malcolm Bailey  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
4276:01Justin Ruggles  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
4376:14Cliff King  V45MCastle Point Joggers51:4442:059.1 
4476:46Guy Hammett  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
4576:46Warren Prentice  SENM     
4676:59John Sweeney SBV50MCastle Point Joggers76:5942:4410.8 
4776:59Adam Poulton SBV50MCastle Point Joggers76:5942:259.8 
4877:14Jacqueline Adams SBV55WGrange Farm & Dunmow77:1446:0419.7 
4977:14Grant Widowson  SENM     
5078:16David Houghton  SENMThurrock Nomads    
5179:14Philip Page  V50MMid Essex51:5951:2515.1 
5279:14Nadine Collins  SENWTrail Running Association    
5379:21Sally Carter  SENWSaffron Striders    
5479:50Tracy Page  SENWMid Essex Casuals    
5583:39Richard Carvey  V50MLonely Goat RC73:4551:5521.4 
5687:49Peter Bates SBV70MPitsea RC87:4955:3322.4 
5788:02Lisa Plumb SBV45WSaffron Striders88:0254:0921.4 
5889:06Rob Cooper  SENM     
5989:21Kelly Turner  SENWSaffron Striders    
6090:38Lisa Burgess  SENWMid Essex Casuals    
6191:12Craig Burgess  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
6291:56Val Mccullough  SENWMid Essex Casuals    
6391:56Nick Mccullough  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
6492:02Lisa Cooper  SENW     
6595:38Claire Jennings  SENWLbroad Runners    
6695:38Sarah Orley  SENWLbroad Runners    
6799:12Linda Bates SBV70WPitsea RC99:1260:2727.9 
681:40:04Louise Gear  SENWSaffron Striders    
691:40:04Melanie Sirett  SENWSaffron Striders    
701:40:04Heather Jackson SBV70WMid Essex1:40:0468:4329.9 
711:42:00John Petiffer  SENMMid Essex Casuals    
721:45:27Peter Hoxby  SENM     
732:15:37Jackie Houghton  SENWEh    
742:15:37Sylvia Monk  SENWEh