North Staffordshire League External Results
11 Dec 10
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:26Alex Derricott U23MCity of Stoke/Staffordshire Moorlands54.0 
228:38Mark Dalkins V40MTelford AC6.4 
329:15Kyle Fowler U20MStaffordshire Moorlands/Sheffield Uni6.5 
429:23Andrew Clews U20MVale Royal54.0 
529:55Andrew Lamont V35MMacclesfield2.0 
630:12Stuart Doyle V35MVale Royal0.5 
730:33Thomas Haynes U20MSouth Cheshire40.8 
830:38Jamie Anderson SENMTelford H/Civil Service15.7 
930:43Dave Alexander V40MWest Cheshire4.6 
1030:46Jack Ross U20MStaffordshire Moorlands14.4 
1130:55Steve Bazell V35MCity of Stoke/Trentham8.7 
1231:09Jamie Pringle V35MNewcastle (Staffs)4.3 
1331:13Gareth Briggs V35MStaffordshire Moorlands/Wolverhampton & Bilston4.9 
1431:22Richard Brooks V35MStaffordshire Moorlands54.0 
1531:23John Danahay V45MCity of Stoke46.2 
1631:31Brian Cole V40MCity of Stoke/Royal Navy54.0 
1731:41Mark Flint V45MNewcastle (Staffs)54.0 
1831:44Andy Wilton V45MStaffordshire Moorlands35.0 
1932:20Daniel Egan V35MNewcastle (Staffs)54.0 
2032:28Jeremy Wyatt V40MCity of Stoke46.6 
2132:35Julian Goodwin V40MBoalloy13.7 
2232:50Paul Lester V40MCannock & Stafford7.4 
2332:52Tim Twentyman V45MNewcastle (Staffs)5.4 
2432:58Bryan Carr V45MCongleton42.1 
2533:03Craig Pearson SENMCannock & Stafford1.9 
2633:11Richard Baker SENMSouth Cheshire3.7 
2733:13Robin Hope V40MStaffordshire Moorlands6.0 
2833:16Thomas Halloway U20MStaffordshire Moorlands5.2 
2933:17Mick Haire V45MBoalloy6.1 
3033:18Oliver Langford SENMCity of Stoke5.2 
3133:18Marc GadsonSENMTelford Harriers  
3233:24Stephen Reid V35MTelford H52.0 
3333:28Kevin FisherSENMTelford AC  
3433:36Daniel Jordan V40MTrentham5.9 
3533:39Steve Vaughan SENMStafford H5.6 
3633:41Ian Sparks V35MNewcastle (Staffs)53.9 
3733:46Darrel Ward SENMCheadle19.0 
3833:50Roger Moore V40MStaffordshire Moorlands54.0 
3933:54Philip Pugh U20MCannock & Stafford54.0 
4033:56Kevin Loundes SENMChase H4.3 
4134:04Kelvin Amos V50MStaffordshire Moorlands52.9 
4234:05Bryan Lomas V40MCongleton5.1 
4334:11Carl Moulton SENMBoalloy-2.2 
4434:13James Pearce V40MCongleton19.9 
4534:18Tom Armstrong SENMVale Royal6.8 
4634:19Peter Mallison V35MSouth Cheshire10.9 
4734:20Carl Platt SENMTrentham5.7 
4834:20Peter Carvell V35MCongleton39.7 
4934:24Tom Hobbins SENMStafford H54.0 
5034:26Dave Lee U23MCity of Stoke51.3 
5134:29Pete Newham V40MCongleton30.1 
5234:30Darren Cottier V40MVale Royal9.1 
5335:14Chris Moss V40MCongleton3.7 
5435:16David George Hollyoak V40MStafford Tri53.5 
5535:17Sean Lindop V35MNewcastle (Staffs)47.4 
5635:24Mike Anslow SENMBlack Country TC28.3 
5735:29Antony Jones SENMStaffordshire Moorlands24.8 
5835:30Glynn Wade V40MStafford Tri  
5935:31Chris Bennet U20MCrewe & Nantwich54.0 
6035:31Sean Dyer U20MSouth Cheshire0.0 
6135:32Mark Cornes V35MMow Cop Runners26.3 
6235:39John Mooney V50MMacclesfield38.3 
6335:42Chris Talbot SENMTelford AC42.3 
6435:45Philip Mainwaring SENMTrentham16.1 
6535:45Rob Hall SENMUttoxeter50.4 
6635:46Shane Amos SENMBlythe Bridge54.0 
6735:49Mark Jonathan Maloney SENMMichelin8.3 
6835:51Andy Roberts V40MCongleton25.4 
6935:52Sam Newton SENMTrentham/Unattached4.5 
7036:06Martin Bailey V35MNewcastle (Staffs)10.5 
7136:13David Coley V40MTelford H18.8 
7236:17Russ Godwin V40MColwyn Bay10.1 
7336:25Roger Taylor SENMStone Master/Trentham4.1 
7436:32Adam Harris V40MStourbridge/Royal Air Force16.0 
7536:38Lee Campbell V45MBoalloy36.5 
7636:41Robert Ibbs V40MNewcastle (Staffs)23.4 
7736:45Chris Yorke V40MNorth Wales RR/Colwyn Bay7.8 
7836:46Peter Walters SENMStourbridge5.1 
7936:49George Mafu SENMStafford H54.0 
8036:50David Rose V45MStourbridge15.9 
8136:58Terry Fowler V40MStaffordshire Moorlands/Buxton11.8 
8237:02Paul Williams V45MTelford AC7.4 
8337:03David Haines V40MVale Royal16.1 
8437:09Matt LaneSENMBoalloy RC  
8537:12Scott Bamber V40MVale Royal22.1 
8637:15Toby Miller U20MBoalloy2.9 
8737:17Matthew Driver U20MHarborough/Newcastle (Staffs)3.6 
8837:27Paul Burslem V45MTrentham13.8 
8937:43Mark Platts V35MStaffordshire Moorlands14.9 
9037:50John Moules V60MBexley  
9137:58Richard Cooper V45MBoalloy54.0 
9237:59Andy Mayers V40MSouth Cheshire3.8 
9338:03Richard Bailey V40MTelford H24.5 
9438:07Tim Derbyshire V35MBoalloy54.0 
9538:12Ian Mulligan V40MStockport8.1 
9638:16Ian Maxwell V45MTelford H24.1 
9738:18Anthony Derbyshire V40MBoalloy19.5 
9838:20David Betteley V40MSouth Cheshire7.4 
9938:25Robin Britton V60MStaffordshire Moorlands53.4 
10038:27Harry Porter V35MMow Cop Runners17.9 
10138:28David Robinson-Smith V40MCheadle54.0 
10238:32Alex McCormick V45MCongleton54.0 
10338:36Andrew Stephens U20MBoalloy37.0 
10438:37Andrew Barlow V35MBoalloy29.6 
10538:39Steve Parsonage V45MUttoxeter54.0 
10638:43Derek Loundes V55MChase H24.1 
10738:47David Wilson V40MNewcastle (Staffs)/North Staffs51.8 
10838:53Mark Halsey V35MBuxton28.5 
10938:56Craig Taylor SENMNewcastle (Staffs)2.7 
11039:00Andrew Dippie V50MTelford H18.7 
11139:01Peter Stroynoswki V40MMow Cop Runners54.0 
11239:04Gary V Owen V40MMichelin54.0 
11339:10Mike Beardmore V55MCheadle36.1 
11439:14Nigel Braun V45MStone Master54.0 
11539:15Neal Jones SENMColwyn Bay11.0 
11639:18Joe Atherton V50MStafford H53.3 
11739:19Robert Stubbs V35MCheadle39.3 
11839:27Kevin Hendricken V50MCity of Stoke14.0 
11939:34Rob Huntbach V45MCrewe & Nantwich14.7 
12039:42Martin Wallace V50MChase H54.0 
12139:56Duncan Strowger SENMStone Master53.7 
12240:18Simon Garside V50MStone Master54.0 
12340:23David Dobberson V45MCrewe & Nantwich20.3 
12440:33Russell Williams V45MCheadle15.1 
12540:36John Clarke V55MVale Royal11.8 
12640:38Graham Cope V35MUttoxeter10.2 
12740:42Kevin Price V45MMow Cop Runners29.4 
12840:44Jonathan Howell V55MStone Master17.3 
12940:46Christopher Naylor SENMMichelin48.1 
13040:48Andy Boardman V40MStourbridge13.5 
13140:57Geoff Pettengell V50MMow Cop Runners9.9 
13240:59Ian Ankers V60MSouth Cheshire18.4 
13341:01Robert Mayers V45MSouth Cheshire53.1 
13441:02Chris Barnett V40MStourbridge41.8 
13541:04Steve Macha V45MBoalloy25.8 
13641:24Alan Webster V50MMacclesfield26.0 
13741:27John AndersonV45MMacclesfield Harriers  
13841:30David J Sheppard V50MStourbridge17.4 
13941:31Chris Owen V35MStafford H41.1 
14041:38Dean Windsor SENMMow Cop Runners11.0 
14141:41Steve Martin V45MMichelin54.0 
14241:49Darron Windle V45MStafford Tri/Telford H51.1 
14341:49Mark Bentley V45MStafford H28.1 
14441:57Arthur Zammitt V40MTelford H54.0 
14541:59Lee Jones V40MTrentham10.0 
14642:00Andrew Addis V55MCongleton/Mow Cop Runners26.0 
14742:04Rob Valentine V40MSouth Cheshire42.4 
14842:04Liam Dyer U20MSouth Cheshire54.0 
14942:07Steve McConnell V50MBlythe Bridge  
15042:08Dave Marsden V55MStafford H16.5 
15142:14David Wilson V55MBlythe Bridge54.0 
15242:18Graham Young V50MStafford H18.9 
15342:19John Clemens V65MStone Master/Congleton54.0 
15442:25Jamie Graham T20/F20 U20MCannock & Stafford4.5 
15542:28Phil CliffeV45MSouth Cheshire Harriers  
15642:31Roger Smith V55MBlythe Bridge  
15742:51Mark Wheelton V50MMacclesfield20.7 
15843:15Phillip J Crowley SENMChase H54.0 
15943:21Eddie Smith V55MStafford H29.9 
16043:22Gary Jones V40MMichelin18.6 
16143:26Christopher Williams V50MColwyn Bay13.0 
16243:32Roy Clay V55MStafford H26.0 
16343:39Brian Mackey V65MUttoxeter/Huncote40.0 
16443:50Rod Campbell V65MCheadle28.2 
16543:54Lee RadleyV40MStourbridge RC  
16643:56Dave TaylorV60MCongleton Harriers  
16744:01Dave SimmsV60MNewcastle AC  
16844:20Bernard Terry Wilkes V55MStafford H54.0 
16944:45Ian Francis V40MBuxton44.4 
17044:51Chris Ellerton V45MStone Master14.2 
17145:15Kenneth Bloor V50MTrentham23.2 
17245:26Chris Thomas V55MCongleton41.1 
17345:41Kenny Johnson V50MMichelin21.6 
17445:57Richard Shaw V60MStone Master23.2 
17546:01Richard PicklesSENMCrewe & Nantwich AC  
17646:05Nigel Addison V45MStafford H49.7 
17746:08David Shoesmith V55MMacclesfield19.2 
17846:16Tim Miller V55MBoalloy54.0 
17946:23Harry Stubbs V60MCongleton31.0 
18046:34Darren Taylor V40MChase H54.0 
18146:46Ian Clarke V55MStourbridge34.2 
18246:56Colin Pheasant V55MChase H32.2 
18347:05Gerald Calvert V70MTrentham54.0 
18447:12Bill Stevenson V45MMichelin31.8 
18547:15Dave O'toole V55MStourbridge54.0 
18647:26Neil Gerrity SENMNewcastle (Staffs)8.3 
18747:57Nigel Gardner V45MCity of Stoke14.1 
18848:16Mike Edwards V65MWrexham54.0 
18948:28Nigel Symms V40MNewcastle (Staffs)31.5 
19048:39Craig Baxter V35MStafford H22.2 
19150:01Bryan Dale V65MStafford H47.9 
19250:31Michael W Jones V65MStafford H52.6 
19350:38Kevin Mccourt V45MMichelin31.3 
19451:15Malcolm Rushton V60MTrentham29.8 
19557:44Noel Sanders V50MStourbridge32.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:02Nathan Jones U17MColwyn Bay4.5 
220:06Ryan Heath U17MTelford AC27.8 
320:26Alex Brecker U17MCity of Stoke/Cheshire Schs5.1 
420:35Henry Valentine U17MSouth Cheshire38.2 
521:06Richard Owen U17MCrewe & Nantwich32.0 
621:16Tom Guy U17MCity of Stoke19.2 
721:29Sam Botham U17MCity of Stoke54.0 
822:12Kristian Washington U17MCity of Stoke52.5 
922:36James Roberts U17MWrexham18.0 
1023:00Russell Gibbons U17MSouth Cheshire8.3 
1123:18Daniel AllcockU17MSouth Cheshire Harriers  
1224:32Tom Hendricken U17MCity of Stoke4.1 
1325:10Bradley Smith U17MCrewe & Nantwich7.4 
1426:11Matthew Jakeman U17MVale Royal31.0 
1526:56Nick Durham U15MNewcastle (Staffs)  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:15James McCann U15MCannock & Stafford-3.0 
218:01David McMaster U15MCity of Stoke54.0 
318:07Lindon Evans U15MCity of Stoke52.2 
418:16Ashley Wyatt U15MCity of Stoke54.0 
518:25Samuel Nicholls U15MCannock & Stafford53.6 
618:30Luke Cockerton U15MCrewe & Nantwich54.0 
718:54Aaron Houseman U15MCannock & Stafford40.4 
819:03Robert Poole U15MCrewe & Nantwich54.0 
919:09Nathan Sabin U15MStafford H50.4 
1019:11Liam Baggley U15MCity of Stoke54.0 
1119:13Tyler GoodwinU15MBoalloy RC  
1219:33Thomas Brookes U15MStaffordshire Moorlands54.0 
1319:41James Russell U15MCannock & Stafford11.0 
1419:46Nick Stoddard U15MCity of Stoke46.4 
1520:06Paul Fradley U15MNewcastle (Staffs)43.7 
1620:27Jake AndersonU15MMacclesfield Harriers  
1720:42Aaron Shaughnessy U15MMacclesfield54.0 
1821:03James Taylor U15MMacclesfield54.0 
1921:50James HiggsU15MDenstone College  
2022:09Nicholas Gale U15MMacclesfield  
2122:16Rannoch LinnellU15MDenstone College  
2222:28Connor PostlesU15MStaffordshire Moorlands AC  
2322:49Joshua Edge U15MCrewe & Nantwich54.0 
2423:12Nathan Finnis U15MMacclesfield27.1 
2523:33Jonathan Whitehurst U15MNewcastle (Staffs)54.0 
2623:35Luke TomkinsonU15MDenstone College  
2723:51George Steventon U15MCity of Stoke54.0 
2824:11Dan CollinsU15MDenstone College  
2924:25Sam Stockman U15MMacclesfield50.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:34James Fradley U13MNewcastle (Staffs)-0.9 
210:44Ryan Lander U13MCity of Stoke46.0 
310:48Oliver Sadler U13MStaffordshire Moorlands40.8 
411:06Tom Shenton U13MCrewe & Nantwich54.0 
511:21Ryan Ashforth U13MCannock & Stafford-1.6 
611:37Joel Mann U13MCity of Stoke36.5 
711:38James Howell-Jones U13MCrewe & Nantwich52.2 
811:59Fred Dobberson U13MCrewe & Nantwich26.5 
912:03Callum Ahern U13MMacclesfield40.4 
1012:30Stephen Mellor U13MBuxton53.1 
1112:32Tom Sabin U13MStafford H54.0 
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