North Staffordshire League External Results
Stafford Common
16 Oct 21
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:10Lee Gratton V35MRugeley-5.1 
225:04Jamie Arnold V45MCity of Stoke-1.1 
325:20Elliot Smith U20MNewcastle (Staffs)-0.6 
425:31Carl Moulton V40MBoalloy-2.2 
525:57Ryan Davis SENMWrexham-3.4 
626:00Jacob Droogmans U23MNewcastle (Staffs)-1.8 
726:07Daniel Watt SENMCity of Stoke-0.2 
826:20Ross Connor SENMCity of Stoke/St. Mary's Uni/Watford-1.1 
926:26Samuel Crozier SENMNewcastle (Staffs)-0.8 
1026:33Sebastian Duffy V35MCity of Stoke0.9 
1126:36Ashley Maughan SENMBoalloy-0.9 
1226:38Billy Hicks SENMMacclesfield1.7 
1326:48Paul Tatler V35MNewcastle (Staffs)-1.0 
1426:55Tim Sharman V40MNewcastle (Staffs)5.9 
1526:56Gareth Carless V45MSouth Cheshire14.8 
1627:03David Bethell V35MStaffordshire Moorlands6.3 
1727:07Harry Bond U20MBuxton-0.5 
1827:11Louis Wakefield U20MNewcastle (Staffs)7.4 
1927:17David Morris V35MCity of Stoke-1.8 
2027:18John Carr V45MMacclesfield0.6 
2127:33Lewis Nagington U20MNewcastle (Staffs)-0.4 
2227:51Leon Bailey V35MBoalloy2.5 
2327:55Mark Walker V40MMacclesfield0.1 
2428:09Mike Chatting SENMRugeley4.0 
2528:14Anthony Allan V40MCongleton9.8 
2628:19Matthew Statham V40MStaffordshire Moorlands6.4 
2728:22Steve Crowe V35MSouth Cheshire1.2 
2828:25Mark Neeld V50MStone Master4.5 
2928:36Craig Taylor V35MNewcastle (Staffs)0.8 
3028:37Mark Hatton V35MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club3.1 
3128:38Robert Hasler V40MMacclesfield7.0 
3228:44Tim Twentyman V55MNewcastle (Staffs)5.3 
3328:54Martin Hull V60MTrentham6.8 
3429:00Tom Hendricken SENMCity of Stoke/Birmingham Uni2.8 
3529:07Bryan Lomas V50MCongleton3.2 
3629:11Mark Espley V45MTrentham4.4 
3729:17Adam Grew V45MTrentham4.0 
3829:18Simon Lewis V45MTelford H5.7 
3929:24Liam Tosh V50MTrentham9.4 
4029:28Andrew Walker V50MNewcastle (Staffs)2.4 
4129:29Luke Morley SENMRugeley2.9 
4229:31Thomas Minshull SENMBoalloy2.9 
4329:32Martin McGuigan V45MTrentham9.2 
4429:36Andrew Brownsword V40MNewcastle (Staffs)6.2 
4529:38Robin Williamson V50MStone Master3.7 
4629:40Ian Higgins SENMTelford H1.6 
4729:46Thomas Mogg U20MNewcastle (Staffs)10.7 
4829:51Phillip Hilsdon V40MStafford H7.0 
4929:56Gareth Jones V40MStone Master4.0 
5030:05Phil Rowley V50MCity of Stoke/Unattached5.5 
5130:10Dan Hibberd V35MBoalloy-1.2 
5230:13Pete Springett SENMStaffordshire Moorlands7.4 
5330:14Dave Hollins V65MCheadle5.1 
5430:17Graeme Rathbone SENMNantwich RC6.0 
5530:18Stuart Rider V40MCongleton3.5 
5630:22Glyn Pattinson V50MCheadle4.7 
5730:25Mark Silvester SENMStafford H5.0 
5830:27Robert Humphries SENMRugeley3.7 
5930:29John Grigg V35MStafford Tri10.1 
6030:37Harrison Barber U20MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club9.8 
6130:39Martyn Davies V40MSilverdale7.4 
6230:47Brady Watkinson U20MTelford AC3.9 
6330:55Matthew Harper V45MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club7.9 
6430:57Julian BrownV55MMacclesfield Harriers  
6530:59Mark Jonathan Maloney V40MMichelin9.7 
6631:01Chris Moss V50MCongleton3.4 
6731:02Lee Jones V50MTrentham7.9 
6831:03Malcolm Down V60MCannock & Stafford/Midland Masters6.5 
6931:04Andy Baines-Davies V45MStaffordshire Moorlands14.5 
7031:06Justin Green V50MStafford H5.7 
7131:13Jonathan Ranford V50MNewcastle (Staffs)8.6 
7231:17Mark Griffiths V55MTelford H7.8 
7331:21Paul Morrison U20MWest Cheshire0.7 
7431:22Neil Gerrity V40MNewcastle (Staffs)6.2 
7531:35Keith Harrison V60MSneyd6.5 
7631:36Scott Stokes SENMSneyd3.5 
7731:43Tom Watson SENMBoalloy3.1 
7831:49Harry Porter V45MBoalloy14.9 
7931:55Paul Glover V45MStone Master5.5 
8032:00Pat Hudson V40MSouth Cheshire7.0 
8132:03Mark Churton V50MStone Master13.0 
8232:06Jake Oliver U20MStafford H9.7 
8332:11Peter Anison V35MNewcastle (Staffs)5.9 
8432:13David Allen V55MCheadle10.4 
8532:14Chris Brown V50MStone Master8.6 
8632:16Terry Wall V50MBoalloy8.9 
8732:27Gary Postins V50MSneyd3.9 
8832:28Michael Bosworth V35MTrentham4.1 
8932:30Gareth Knapper V40MCheadle5.2 
9032:45Christopher Nixon V55MNewcastle (Staffs)7.9 
9132:50Christopher Seale V35MStafford H7.4 
9232:52Marco Moretti U20MTelford AC9.8 
9332:53Nicholas Jones V35MSilverdale7.2 
9432:54Michael Dobson V55MStafford H/Police8.0 
9532:55Paul Phillips V45MStone Master7.1 
9632:56Gareth Stockdale V45MMacclesfield8.2 
9732:56Chris Mosiuk V35MTrentham6.6 
9832:57Richard Hall V45MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club7.9 
9932:59Ian Heath V50MStafford H11.5 
10033:02Joe Grainger V40MStafford Tri14.7 
10133:03Andrew Lewis V55MRugeley10.6 
10233:13David Nimmo V40MSouth Cheshire9.3 
10333:15Philip Dawid SENMNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club10.9 
10433:19Robert Maxwell V50MMacclesfield7.9 
10533:21Carl Williams V55MBoalloy10.5 
10633:21Daniel Andemichael V40MStoke FIT/Trentham7.3 
10733:25Mark Lear SENMTelford H7.4 
10833:35Charlie Cox V40MCheadle10.0 
10933:38Dan Findlay-Robinson V40MStafford H14.3 
11033:47Michael Casey SENMNantwich RC7.8 
11134:03Matthew Way SENMNewcastle (Staffs)13.1 
11234:05David Johnson SENMStaffordshire Moorlands12.8 
11334:07Michael Howard V50MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club7.7 
11434:08Rhys Mcdowell SENMStafford H12.0 
11534:10Matthew Plant V40MTrentham16.4 
11634:15Steven Miles V65MMichelin27.6 
11734:18Dylan Roberts SENMNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club15.3 
11834:19David Kelly V45MNantwich RC9.6 
11934:23Jason Littlewood SENMStafford H9.6 
12034:23Adam Lightfoot V40MStafford H10.9 
12134:29Ian Charles Hodkinson V50MStafford H10.1 
12234:36Laurence Regan V50MStaffordshire Moorlands11.5 
12334:38Liam Dormann V40MRugeley12.9 
12434:53Lee Kempson V50MNewcastle (Staffs)11.4 
12534:58Nigel Moult V45MMow Cop Runners14.8 
12635:00Ian D Wood V55MStafford H18.2 
12735:07William Booth SENMCity of Stoke/Loughborough Students35.5 
12835:11Ty Starke V45MStone Master13.4 
12935:12Craig Cornes V50MMow Cop Runners11.0 
13035:13Chris Thorley V60MStaffordshire Moorlands11.2 
13135:23Stewart Kibble V45MRugeley12.5 
13235:25Nitesh Thakrar V60MStafford H11.6 
13336:00Christopher Roberts V60MSneyd11.9 
13436:06Alex Langford V35MStafford H11.1 
13536:15Jason Blount V45MSilverdale8.6 
13636:26David Hinton V40MStaffordshire Moorlands24.1 
13736:29Kevin Follows V55MRugeley26.7 
13836:35Jonathon TaitV50MNantwich RC  
13936:43Martyn Clare V55MCannock & Stafford9.8 
14036:46John Myatt V50MMichelin15.1 
14136:48Paul Burslem V55MTrentham11.5 
14236:50Paul Watkinson V50MTelford AC11.5 
14337:10Mark Till V45MSneyd12.0 
14437:19Daniel Buxton V40MNantwich RC0.2 
14537:19Daniel Buxton V40MNantwich RC0.2 
14637:24Russell Williams V60MCheadle13.8 
14737:46Tony Preece V50MTelford AC12.7 
14837:50John Alcock V35MSilverdale18.9 
14938:00Rob Bond V45MStaffordshire Moorlands7.6 
15038:11Richard Booth V45MStafford H16.7 
15138:12Kevin Uzzell V70MStone Master14.9 
15238:36Adrian UnknownV50MCheadle RC  
15338:45Robin Chebsey V50MTelford H18.8 
15438:51Michael Rickus V60MTelford H19.5 
15538:54David Morrey V55MCheadle29.8 
15638:58Kenny Johnson V60MMichelin23.2 
15739:05Adrian Jones V45MRugeley25.5 
15839:35Cooper SteveV50MMow Cop Runners  
15939:42Mark Richards V40MStafford Tri18.9 
16039:53Mark Oliver V50MStafford H17.2 
16140:30Roy Clay V65MStafford H34.4 
16240:48Nicholas Budd V55MCongleton10.2 
16340:57Ian Maullin V45MSneyd17.1 
16442:34Stephen Chell V60MMichelin  
16544:12Russell Cooper V65MMow Cop Runners19.8 
16647:45Andrew Crosby V50MBlythe Bridge18.8 
16756:18Neil Edwards V40MWrexham27.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:11Rohan Jensen U17MMacclesfield2.3 
218:24Eammon Clowes U17MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club0.8 
318:40Isaac Leydon U17MCrewe & Nantwich-1.3 
419:21Cameron O Neill U17MCity of Stoke1.0 
519:47Will Nettle U17MMacclesfield9.8 
619:47Nathan Walker U17MCity of Stoke4.6 
720:02Lucas Willson U17MStafford H5.8 
820:12Joshua Williamson U17MVale Royal13.6 
1020:14Alexandre Degg U17MTelford AC13.7 
920:14Isaac Dharewal U17MCrewe & Nantwich16.4 
1120:19Thomas Marsh U17MMacclesfield7.1 
1220:39Oliver Lymer U17MCity of Stoke8.7 
1320:47Jedid Mensah U17MTelford AC1.3 
1421:01Benjamin Watkin U17MNewcastle (Staffs)16.5 
1521:04Matthew Hilsdon U17MStafford H9.9 
1621:15Anthony Woollacott U17MCity of Stoke25.1 
1721:30Ewan Doran U17MTelford AC5.1 
1821:38Bradley Shields U17MNewcastle (Staffs)7.3 
1921:53Jacob Hall U17MTelford AC15.7 
2023:14Harrison Everard U17MNewcastle (Staffs)20.6 
2124:26Ben GreenU17M   
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:23Harry Parker-Mclain U15MCrewe & Nantwich-0.4 
214:00Michael Wood U15MMacclesfield1.4 
314:02Finley Foote U15MMacclesfield12.0 
414:08Thomas Corwood U15MVale Royal1.3 
514:12Thomas Taylor U15MVale Royal1.3 
614:22Tom Bradshaw U15MCity of Stoke12.1 
714:27Oliver Skelton U15MTelford AC2.7 
814:43Lewis Smith U15MCity of Stoke2.6 
914:55Oliver Bailey U15MStaffordshire Moorlands1.4 
1014:56Finlay Pettie U15MMacclesfield2.7 
1115:35Matthew Hughes U15MCity of Stoke6.0 
1215:41Murphy Hamilton U15MStafford H2.7 
1315:47Matthew Walker U15MMacclesfield1.9 
1416:22Isaac Johnson U15MTelford AC7.6 
1516:43Freddie Preece U15MTelford AC14.9 
1617:37Elliot Sharman U15MNewcastle (Staffs)18.6 
1717:38Ethan Rowe U15MTrentham  
1817:51William Cole U15MCrewe & Nantwich17.3 
1918:25Evan Williams U15MVale Royal14.7 
2019:13Reuben Willson U15MStafford H17.5 
2120:57Ewan Molyneux U15MNewcastle (Staffs)14.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:31Corey Ellis U13MNewcastle (Staffs)6.9 
29:39Arthur Elliott U13MCity of Stoke0.7 
39:40Bobby Tomlinson U13MMacclesfield4.0 
410:09Lino Goodwin U13MCity of Stoke9.3 
510:14Samuel Brightwell U13MCrewe & Nantwich10.4 
610:15Samuel Conkie U13MCrewe & Nantwich4.1 
710:25Jared Dickinson U13MMacclesfield2.4 
810:34Ralph Brown U13MTelford AC3.1 
1010:39Ben Allen U13MStafford Tri5.4 
910:39Jack Dawson U13MStafford H10.4 
1110:48Lucas Rowley U13MCity of Stoke10.1 
1211:01Harry Williamson U13MVale Royal23.7 
1311:05Hugo Blackwell U13MMacclesfield11.9 
1411:06Noah Simpson U13MVale Royal9.1 
1511:09Jacob Oakes U13MNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club14.2 
1611:14Aidan Stonier U13MCity of Stoke13.7 
1711:16Ceyhan Diken U13MMacclesfield15.6 
1811:18Aiden Simmons U13MCity of Stoke/Watford17.5 
1911:19George Brownsword U13MNewcastle (Staffs)11.6 
2011:20James Davies U13MNewcastle (Staffs)8.8 
2111:24Jay Marchant U13MNewcastle (Staffs)19.6 
2211:36Trek Vaughan U13MStafford H  
2311:51Kobie Burton U13MNewcastle (Staffs)17.7 
2411:56Jonty Brown U13MBuxton6.9 
2512:08Kaidyn Wright U13MTrentham  
2612:20Edward Dodd U13MStaffordshire Moorlands7.4 
2712:30Fletcher Moseley U13MNewcastle (Staffs)20.8 
2812:33Isaac Machin U13MTrentham25.8 
2913:02Finlay Summers U13MStafford H10.6 
3014:08James Wilcox U13MStaffordshire Moorlands  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:48Charlie Smith U11MCrewe & Nantwich9.6 
25:51Jacob Connor U11MCity of Stoke18.0 
35:51Harrison Donnelly U11MCity of Stoke24.0 
45:52Laurie Hinton U11MStaffordshire Moorlands11.9 
55:52Lucas Naylor U11MCity of Stoke9.8 
66:15Jacob Ainscough U11MNewcastle (Staffs)12.3 
76:18Alex McLaren U11MMacclesfield11.7 
86:18Jacob Carless U11MCrewe & Nantwich23.8 
96:20Thomas Holding U11MCrewe & Nantwich  
106:24Theo Black U11MCrewe & Nantwich  
116:28Sebastian Pickerill U11MNewcastle (Staffs)10.5 
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